All you have to do is to keep mining window open and you will receive you will be paid every minute.
You can get more money by inviting your friends and you will receive lifetime commission from their earnings.
You are allowed to register and use just one account. If you register more than 1 account, we will disable all your accounts!
Just one, you can't open multiple mining windows, even if you're loggedin on different browsers or IP's.
We accept all kinds of Internet websites, forums or blogs.

We do NOT accept websites which:

- Contain pornographic material and / or with adult content;
- Contain pop-ups;
- Contain redirects;
- Open dialog boxes (voting or otherwise);
- Have sliders and malicious code;
- Downloading spyware;
- Have viruses or Trojan;
- Sites with music, sound and movies ACTIVATED automatically;
- Contengonno dialer of any kind;
- Are under construction or unreachable;

- We do NOT also accept racial propaganda websites , violent and / or any other website contrary to common decency.

These sites will be deleted immediately.

Our weekly program scan all active sites in the previous week by reporting all sites which do not comply with the rules. This means that if you try to be clever or cheating, after 7 days you will be automatically reported and your account canceled.

If a user notices before scanning of any irregularities, can report it to our TEAM. We will give you 1000 minutes free
The following reasons can get your account banned.

1. Multiple accounts
2. Mining with multiple devices at the same time
3. Using VPN or other proxy service
3. Trying to trick or cheat our system.

and other factors which can pose a threat to us and our advertisers...
You earn money with active referrals. Share your referral link and invite people to our CashMining. Our system is free to join so its easy to get anyone to be active.
Our policy is to share sponsor's rewards with all users. More sponsor we have and greater will be commissions. Rewards may change depending how many sponsor will have daily or monthly. Pls help us to find sponsor so we can mantain high rewards. Thanks in advance.
We are carefully monitoring our System and accounts with detected fraudulent activity are permanently suspended and earned rewards are withheld. Be honest and have fun!
Due to what happen in our country, we would like to inform all users that from 1st march 2020 we can cashout VIP members users only. Basic members can use their credit to sponsor their websites, forum or blog.